My Transformation

Photo on left: Taken on January 4, 2015
Photo on right: Taken on May 1, 2015

Photo on left: Taken Christmas 2011
Photo on right: Honeymoon June 2015

My transformation began in January 2015. Yes, like almost every other person in the world I made the cliche New Years resolution to "get fit and lose weight".

This wasn't something I just randomly decided to do, however. I had been struggling with my weight for years. In the course of 7 years, I gained 82 pounds making me very overweight. I also began to have some significant health problems and I developed an anxiety disorder I could not seem to get a grip on.

I had been trying to lose weight for years, but I was especially motivated at the time because I was getting married and like any bride to be, I wanted to look smokin hot in that dress. Despite that motivation, I couldn't seem to find anything that worked. In December 2014, I actually topped out at the heaviest weight I had ever been, just 6 months before my wedding.

I was at an all time low: mentally, physically, and emotionally. This was supposed to be a happy time, and I was feeling downright depressed. I hated how my life was going, and I hated even more that the majority of my unhappiness came from the food I was putting in my mouth.

I had been very secretive about my anxiety disorder and emotional issues for many years. It was something that truly embarrassed me and I did not know how to explain it to people. Knowing that the anxiety and emotional issues played a huge role in my weight gain, I decided to put it all out there- for everyone.

I wrote a blog and unleashed my demons for the world to see. I didn't know what it would do. I didn't know if anyone would care or take the time to read it. I was hoping at the time it would just help motivate me and keep me accountable. I had no idea it would become so popular among my friends and family over social media. Many people started reaching out to me explaining their own battles with anxiety or weight. It was so uplifting. I believe 100% that blog was an enormous roll in what helped me get my life back.

I documented my journey with Insanity Max 30, which I started January 5, 2015. While completing Insanity, I had gradually switched to a mostly Paleo way of eating. Once I completed Insanity, I then took on the Whole 30 which completely changed my relationship with food. Between the two I lost over 30 pounds and gained a ton of happiness, confidence, and self worth back. I will be forever grateful for those two programs.

As I continue my journey now to be the healthiest and happiest person I can be, I have found my true passion to be in health, fitness, and nutrition. I signed on as a Beachbody Coach to help others with their journeys and enrolled in a Nutritional Therapist certification course. If you are interested in working with me, please contact me at

Also, incase you are wondering... I did look smokin hot in my dress :)

In Health & Happiness,
Coach Jessica

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