About Me

My name is Jessica Ozimok. I'm a wife and fur baby mama to my beloved pug and two cats. I enjoy a good nights sleep, a good book that makes me cry, laying by and swimming in water (particularly a beach or pool), a night spent dancing, and a fine tequila.

Most importantly and the reason you probably ended up on my page: I love fitness and nutrition. I am a fitness coach and aspiring Nutritional Therapist on a mission to help others reshape their lives with exercise and food just as it has reshaped mine.

As an individual who has suffered body image issues and obesity for a number of years, I know first hand the effects of emotional eating. It wasn't until I took control of the food I put in my body that I was able to be successful in losing weight and more importantly, gaining my health back.

Whether you are here for inspiration, recipes, information on Beachbody and Shakeology, or just to creep on my blog, I am glad your here. Please stay a while, check out my posts, and most importantly: contact me if you're looking for a change. I would be honored to be your coach.

In Health & Happiness,
Coach Jessica

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